Support One Million and One street children secure an identity by the next World Cup in 2026.

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Registering a child’s birth is the first step in safeguarding human rights.

One Million and One is a global movement that seeks to secure one million and one legal identities for children living in street situations before the 2026 World Cup hosted in North America.

  • The Challenge:

    There are over 150 million street children world-wide struggling to survive in the streets. When considering the refugee crisis there are millions more unaccounted for. This comes at a cost of basic human rights and dignity as well as an overall economic burden for most countries. When children are without access to basic services - education, healthcare, and social care, there is no ladder to becoming productive citizens. This downward spiral needs to be reversed with the first step of identity.

  • The Goal:

    The goal of One Million and One street children gaining their identity is step one to the tipping point towards policy change throughout countries, and a movement that opens a path for all street children to obtain their identity. Street Child United helps street children gain their identity and basic human rights.. Every child has a right to see a way towards their dreams. SCU opens the path from the streets to teams to dreams. The focussed goal that can change the world for good is One Million and One street children in the SCU organized countries to gain their identity before the next World Cup in North America, 2026.

  • The Team:

    In alignment with professional soccer, football and cricket World Cups; Street Child United helps organize teams in over ___ countries, as well as international sports events to create engaging experiences for children living in street situations to gather. Street Child United works with ____ organizations worldwide, to help build teams, trust, and new opportunities for a better world.

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We use the power of sport to provide a global platform for street children, so they can demand the protection, support, and opportunities every child needs.

Don’t let the world drop the ball….We have a critical goal to reach.

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December 31, 2022

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