One Million and One

Did you know… Just prior to the 2022 World Cup with the spotlight on Qatar, another World Cup took place on the public pitches of Doha. Over 300 children from over 30 countries played for a new world goal: One million and one street children to gain their identity before the next World Cup in North America.

Street-connected children around the world lack basic human needs - food, clean water, shelter. They are stigmatized, marginalized and often end up abused or part of the world’s human traffic crisis.

Human rights, human dignity and opportunity starts with identity. By securing an identity, you will change a child’s life, opening doors to healthcare, education and economic security.

You can help change this story and make this goal with us... for a better world. On average, the investment needed to support a street child’s identity and a path to a better life is just 55 USD.

Your gift of any size will make a world of difference for a child: